The role of the Select Committee is to, monitor all League activities. Enforce all League Rules. Operate as a liaison between Pastors, Principals, Athletic Directors,Coaches and Parents. Deal with written complaints brought to the Select Committee by the League Director.

Members 2017/2018

Leah Bethune

Principal - St. Patrick

1st Year

Denise Ray

Principal - St. Michael

2nd Year

Nina Beck

Principal - St. Mary

3rd Year

Latest News

2017/2018 Select Committee Meetings

All Meetings Begin at 4:30 pm at John XXIII Center – Conference Room

Pre-Sports Year Meeting: August 7th, 2017

Pre-Boys Basketball Meeting:  September 27th, 2017

Pre-Girls Basketball Meeting:  November 29th, 2017

Pre-Track Meeting:  March 7th, 2018

End of the Year Meeting (Tentative):  May 9th, 2018